July 1, 2022
New Single Warrior
Number of discs: 1


What is warrior? Who is considered as warrior? What makes anyone a warrior? According to Oxford Dictionary WARRIOR means

– (especially in former times) a brave or experienced soldier or fighter. “the warrior heroes of ancient Greece”

But this song is definitely not only about a brave soldier or a fighter, this song is about each and every individual in life who fights everyday to survive and to exist. We all battle with hurdles everyday, some are big, some are small and some are life changing but all those hurdles makes us stronger and makes us a WARRIOR. The real story behind this song was our Front man Arpan wrote this song about his father’s achievements in bringing democracy to the people of Nepal but his name has been lost in the pages of history.

So, this song is tribute to great people like Late. Mr. Yagya Bahadur Karki and other unsung heroes and warriors of this great world. Song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Multiple times Grammy nominated Engineer @dennismoodymusic We would like to thank Dennis but believing on us and helping us create this amazing track. Special Thanks to @janishjoshi (JJmotionfx) for all the amazing artworks and dope lyrical video.

Song Credits

Music/Written by: NepCali
Recorded at: Devero Sound Experience West/ Dennismoodymusic
Engineered/Mixed/Mastered: Dennis Moody
Lyrical Video & Artwork by: Janish Joshi (JJmotionfx)